Job Description

This job requires a patient and stable work style and consistency in dealing with repetitive routine. The job demands a cooperative, agreeable and sympathetic listener who gets along with others and enjoys being helpful to them. A team-oriented focus is of utmost importance. The job requires attention to the details of work, with careful attention to the quality of the work. The focus is on working comfortably under close supervision within a stable, secure team. The pace of the job is steady, with a strong focus on efficiency and production. When there is change in the structure of work or scope of responsibility, ample time will be provided to learn the new work thoroughly with opportunity for repetitive practice. If the job requires making decisions, such decisions will be made in close conference with the team and supervisors. When the job requires work to be completed under time pressures or in changing situations, management will provide close support and encouragement.

Job Characteristics

  • Steady and Efficient Unchanging environment, with support and encouragement provided by management
  • Team-oriented, willing to do what is expected Detail-oriented
  • Need not take risks Careful, very cautious decisions made within clear guidelines and with the full support of the team and management
  • Will work harmoniously with the team throughout the whole work process Unassuming, agreeable, relaxed communication style Approachable and easy-going
  • Will respect and seek direction from others If delegation is required, will follow up in a caring, non-threatening manner

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